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Pack Care®

*To be noted that there is the option to direct calls to our emergency centre with our optional Service Pro for an additional fee of CHF 15.– per month. Includes maintenance – if a technical problem is detected, our team will come out to repair the installation as quickly as possible.

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Emergency alarm sent in case of:

  • Not returning to bed during the night if a fall has occurred
  • Not getting out of bed in the morning over an abnormal period
  • Absence of movement during the day in case of a fall
  • Use of the emergency button (pendant or wristband) to call for help

Sharing preventive information in case of:

  • A drop in physical activity which may be related to a risk of falling
  • Sleep troubles which may be at the root of a weakened immune system
  • Change in living routines which may arise as a result of cognitive disorders
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