The benefits of DomoCare®

DomoCare® brings value to seniors, family members and nurses.

For seniors

  • DomoCare® enables you to continue living in your home, while maintaining your independence and freedom.
  • Once the service has been set up, you no longer need to worry about it – it works automatically.
  • DomoCare® protects your personal privacy, sharing information with your loved ones only if an abnormal change in your activities has been detected as per the configuration which will have been validated with you.
  • You decide yourself during the configuration when your loved ones and the care service should be informed.

For the family, care giver or nurse

  • You will have greater peace of mind as DomoCare® watches over your loved one like a guardian angel.
  • Preventive messages keep you informed of any deterioration in the health of your loved one, enabling you to act very quickly before a situation gets worse.
  • A fast and objective exchange of information between you and the nursing staff means that you can be up to date with and properly understand the situation.

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For family or Care givers

Simplicity of access to relevant information

Thanks to our applications, you can access information about your loved ones at a glance. When an alarm message is sent to you, you can access the information preceding the incident.

Configuring contacts

The DomoCare® system enables you to enter and manage the contacts who will receive alarm messages and who will have access to our applications. It enables you to organise the contacts according to need, whether they are intervening preventatively or in emergency situations. The contacts may receive alarms by SMS, email or telephone call in a domino effect.

Accessing the alarm history

The DomoCare® system enables you to access the alarm history and caregivers may use the messaging service to analyse situations and share information useful for the care of the seniors.

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