Put patients at the center of care and the care decision-making and delivery processes by enabling healthcare providers to deliver timely, personalized, efficient care and education across the care continuum, while at the same time empowering patients to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

Manage, Prioritize and Intervene

Provider, payer, operator and sponsor organizations using DomoMedical can potentially spot changes in patient status or condition before they result in unnecessary acute care utilizations, hospital readmissions, adverse events or other episodes of costly and preventable healthcare expenditures.
Clinicians monitoring patient status are alerted in real time to act, based on customizable patient data range settings, which can be configured at both the population and individual patient levels. Accordingly, clinicians now have the power to intervene earlier and faster, armed with real-time data to drive better diagnosis, triage and treatment, e.g., by initiating a Video Visit to engage with patients directly and to provide education or interventions at the most impactful moments.

Our app to connect medical devices for home usage and connected to our private cloud

  • Patient System
    This will be made available for mobile devices of users (Android, iOS) to enable access to the Cloud, make/receive video calls from Physicians, and connect with compatible 3rdParty measuring devices
  • Care Coordinator System
    Care Coordinators can access patient information and set-up appointments
  • Care Provider System
    Care Providers can access patient information and to make/receive video consultation calls
  • DomoMedical Cloud System
    This will enable remote access to DomoMedical system components, store and accumulate patients’ health data and enabling video conferencing

Our SaaS infrastructure is modular, portable, adaptive and secure

Your Benefits:

  • Place patients at the center of healthcare by leveraging the most advanced technology to engage, empower and educate by deploying a mobile-based PHR (iOS and Android)
  • Reduce the time, cost and complexity of providing care and move care delivery closer to the patient
  • Deliver timely, personalized, effective, efficient and compassionate care like never before, while developing market-leading cost and utilization controls
  • Keep patients at home longer, safer, and with a greater sense of control over their lives
  • Achieve robust population health management and truly coordinated care, predicting, optimizing and improving health over a lifetime
  • Dramatically bolster your Meaningful Use compliance and attestation abilities
  • Create the most connected healthcare IT ecosystem in the market
  • Enable payment reform initiatives and increase flexibility for introducing innovative care delivery models
  • Diversify and expand your care offerings by providing Telehealth as a Service (TaaS), as either an included benefit, or as a tiered, incremental service offering, and benefit from expanding reimbursement
  • Achieve top-tier patient, member and provider satisfaction