DomoSafety is a leading provider of behavior-based and medical data analytics in real-time to deliver preventive and proactive services to health professionals

Number of days analyzed from home data

Countries footprint


DomoSafety aggregates patient data from multiple sources and connects both client and external vendor technology solutions: environmental information, medical devices, clinical information


DomoSafety correlates and analyses, in real time, data from behavioral daily activities and medical devices. Our analytics engine learns from the pattern of each user to personalize each service.


Based on our expertise of the home care ecosystem we deliver personalized services to our partners and their patients. Distilling the information health professional need in a simple and intuitive format.

Our Competencies

  • Self learning unique technology to establish a baseline health profile
  • Automatic detection of abnormal behavior
  • Big data analytics, machine learning
  • Cloud-based & highly secured data transfer platform, fully compliant with European regulations
  • Validated health professionals interface
  • Integration with call centers
  • Connectivity with homecare sensors
  • Compliant interface with existing e-health tools
  • Integration expertise at both end
  • Data collection with hardware partners
  • ICT care and medical companies

Based on our unique analytics we deliver two service lines

DomoCare® brings value to seniors, caregivers, family members and health care professionals.

Intelligent home care and distant medical monitoring services for patients suffering from chronic conditions or fragile.

Our service is used by home care & humanitarian organizations, hospitals, call centers, assisted living foundations and real estate developers.

More than 150’000 days of behavior patterns analyzed, 4 ongoing international projects with 15 academic partners in the field of dementia, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Footprint in 9 countries in Europe and Asia.