One day, I did not get out of bed in the morning as I did not feel very well. I woke up in my home surrounded by my family and luckily they were alerted because I learned that without immediate help the situation could have got much worse.

Mr. Ravinier - Fribourg

For seniors

The DomoCare® service ensures better safety than a simple alarm button. In case of sudden weakness, there is no fear, as the alarm will be given without you having to do anything.

The DomoCare® service sensors are more effective as they enable an emergency alarm to be sent even if the button has not been pressed.

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I do not even notice that I have this system. It is discreet and respects my privacy: no microphone, no camera. Continuing to live in my home for as long as possible and remaining independent is what I want.

Ms. Agate

Cliente de DomoSafety, Morges