For the family

To be able to continue living at home for as long as possible is what we all wish for our loved ones. Our DomoCare® service will give you greater peace of mind. In the event of sudden weakness, your loved one will be quickly taken care of thanks to the emergency call centre and nurses.

Moreover, DomoCare® will enable you to set up a meaningful dialogue with health professionals, as you will be able to exchange objective information on the health condition of your loved one.

DomoCare®’s basic service – the Start™ Pack – includes a standard emergency button which can be used to trigger an alarm that will be sent to the call centre or to you via SMS, email or telephone call in a domino effect.

This service is also upgradeable beyond the basics as needed. Two more comprehensive packages called Mobility™ and Care® include activity sensors installed in the ceiling, on the front door or the bed.

These sensors are discreet and blend into the environment. In particular, they will trigger an emergency alarm if your loved one does not return to bed during the night or if they have not moved. An alarm is sent even if your loved one has not pressed their button – for example, if they are not wearing it or are not conscious enough to press it.

Furthermore, you or the nurse will receive preventive information if your loved one becomes less mobile or changes their sleep cycles. This alerts you to any deterioration in the health of your loved one and enables you to respond before the situation gets worse.

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DomoCare® saved my grandmother’s life! She felt dizzy and did not press her emergency button because she fainted. DomoCare® informed me that there was no longer any activity in her apartment and the ambulance drivers were able to be alerted.

Ms. Signeret - Nyon

Thanks to DomoCare®, I could be informed that my grandfather was getting up very frequently during the night although he usually slept well. I was able to discuss this situation with him and I realised that his health condition was deteriorating. We decided to contact his doctor who found a suitable treatment. He now sleeps well once again.

Mr. Laufer - Geneva