Innovation and clinical study

DomoSafety is the partner of choice of leading industry manufacturer and academic partners for its cutting edge expertise in home connectivity, analytics and integration in the care continuum.

An example of our methodology in the field of cardiology

1. To assess signal quality, reliability, availability, acceptance and usefulness of in-home sensors (wearable and environmental) in real-life setting;
2. To develop and test algorithms capable to extract relevant health-related information, namely cardiovascular problems (e.g. arrhythmia), general health-related problems (e.g., hypothermia), mobility related issues (e.g., falls) and behavior related problems (e.g. wandering);
3. To develop and test algorithms capable of reducing false alarm by using multimodal information and redundant sensor information (e.g. combining accelerometer data with ECG to reliably detect falls);
4. To develop and validate novel visualization methods for data presentation (e.g. visual interface to caregivers);
5. To integrate into ICT professional solution.