Connect, Analyze & Deliver services for health professionals

DomoSafety is a leading provider of behavior-based and medical data analytics in real-time to deliver preventive and proactive services to health professionals


DomoSafety aggregates patient data from multiple sources and connects both client and external vendor technology solutions: environmental information, medical devices, clinical information


DomoSafety correlates and analyses, in real time, data from multiple sources. Our analytics engine learns from the pattern of each user to personalize each service.


Based on our expertise of the home care ecosystem we deliver personalized services to our partners and their patients. Distilling the information health professional need in a simple and intuitive format.

Main features of our SaaS infrastructure

  • Simplified data analysis with the support of personalized algorithms = facilitated medical data analysis
  • Fully adaptable solutions to patient journey, from prevention to medical monitoring (chronic diseases)
  • User-friendly care-giver interface
  • Discrete environmental sensors and qualified connected devices
  • Customizable platform for clinical studies and research programs
  • Episodic or continuous remote care